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Associate UX Designer

Associate UX Designer

Associate UX Designer





July 4, 2022 - Present


Fresh out of college, I joined Coditas in July of 2022 as an associate UX Designer. The first three months were spent in training wherein I was taught the different UX methodologies and made a case study surrounding the fintech domain for the same.

Cash Lab - Personal Finance Management App


I worked on multiple UX Design proposals, being a part of the Rapid Response Team, which was put together to speedily address UX Problems and proposed solutions to help acquire several clients. Our team was successful in acquiring clients like Maisonette, Cowrks, Logistify etc. To help demonstrate my work, I created a case study of Goodreads to explain the processes we followed to produce a UX Design proposal.

Goodreads : Usability Evaluation and Redesign


I worked on multiple design projects, helping clients achieve their UX and UI goals by suggesting design changes and setting up an initial styleguide/design system to help them gain consistency across all designs. My team was tasked with explaining usability problems and help them set up a design changes and improve upon their UI Designs using the problems pointed out. I was in charge of improving upon the UI designs whilst guiding the clients on how to create/set up a design system. One of my clients, Neend loved our work and released the ioS version based on the changes made.

neend IOS version | neend android version

Our designs made a huge impact by reducing the user's drop-off rate and bounce rate whilst going through the e-commerce flow by more than 30%. Working for clients taught me to think quickly and on-the-go. Moreover, I learnt how to design for IOS and android, whilst keeping Human Interface Guidelines and Material Design in mind.

“Edwin Land of Polaroid talked about the intersection of the humanities and science and that is something that motivates me to pursue this multidisciplinary path everyday”

Crafted with love by Soumi Dutt