Website Redesign For We Do Good

Website Redesign For We Do Good

Website Redesign For We Do Good

Website Redesign For We Do Good

UX Designer

UX Designer

UX Designer


We Do Good


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December 2021 - April 2022

In 2022, I had the chance to contribute to a startup led by IIT Bombay founder Shubham Prakash. It helped me learn how teams operate and the design to developer handoff processes. Later, I helped streamline development processes on Webflow by setting up a naming class system to maintain consistency. On Figma, I helped build the initial design system and trained a UX Design intern to handle future processes.

Fostering the culture of volunteerism across the country.

We Do Good is a not-for-profit platform that works to empower NGOs by educating and enabling communities to volunteer and bring meaningful change to society.As a new business, We Do Good sought out a brand identity to establish and differentiate the non-profit in its communications, messaging and orchestrated events.

Project Summary

We Do Good is a not-for-profit organization that aims to bridge the gap between volunteers and NGOs by providing a platform to communicate opportunities to bring about meaningful changes in society. After being founded and set up in 2021, the owner wished to position the product in the market which required significant branding efforts and an accompanying visual identity restructure.

Designed in Figma and developed on Webflow

Project Objectives

  1. Increase conversion rates

  2. Making it easier to find and apply to opportunities

  3. Development of a visual identity and Design System for future use

Project Drawback

Since the developers were new to using Webflow as a website development tool, the design team had to keep in mind several developmental constraints while designing the best possible solution

Design Process

Due to time constraints, we followed a design process that would ensure maximum efficiency with a larger emphasis on visual communication within a stipulated period of time.

1. Understanding The Goals Of The Website

Through several branding exercises and previous analysis of the existing website of WeDoGood, we came up with major goals for the user

  1. The primary goal of the website is a platform to bridge the gap between volunteers and NGOs. Initially, the platform would help users apply for volunteering opportunities and connect them to relevant NGOs.

  2. To be able to apply for relevant opportunities, the users need to be able to go through a series of opportunities and filter and sort them according to their likes.

  3. The users would like to check the credentials and credibility of the NGOs they are applying to.

  4. An additional feature would include the user and NGO being able to leave reviews for each other to ensure accountability

The website aims to serve as a platform to bridge the gap between NGOs and volunteers

2. Finding Out The Audience And Their Rationale Behind Using The Website

  1. The initial hardcore user group we found through research were college students who wanted to volunteer to improve upon their CVs. Moreover, they felt that volunteering opportunities provided them with a two-fold benefit of gaining experience along with helping with issues that they were passionate about.

  2. The other user group could be hiring managers from NGOs who wish to find a perfect fit for the job role and to their organization. They would require the credentials of the candidate and a way to verify it as well

Note : Due to time constraints, we focused only on designing for the college student who wished to gain experience through volunteering opportunities

3. Goals And Outcomes For The Company

Thinking in terms of -

  • Why would someone use my app?

  • How does that intersect with the company goals?

  1. Bridge the gap between volunteers and NGOs

  2. Make Money

  3. Build A Community

  4. Provide a useful website

All of these goals are interconnected and interdependent on each other

4. UX Flows

Flow 1 : Signing Up As A Volunteer


  1. See what benefits they can achieve as a volunteer

  2. Find out how they can sign up

  3. Signs Up To Be A Volunteer

  4. The user has to fill out required entry of their details

  5. The user fills out their preferences

  6. The user receives a feedback that their entry has been received and account has been setup

Flow 2 : Applying to a volunteering opportunity as a UX Designer


  1. Search for volunteering opportunities

  2. Filter search results according to likes and preferences

  3. Scan through results to find the right opportunity

  4. Apply for the volunteering opportunity

  5. Leave relevant details so that they can be contacted by the organisation later



“Edwin Land of Polaroid talked about the intersection of the humanities and science and that is something that motivates me to pursue this multidisciplinary path everyday”

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